Terms of Use


As a person who has formalized the reservation in the house, with this document that you must sign at your entrance, accept the specific conditions indicated below:

1. ACCEPTANCE. The customer accepts the following conditions for occupation of the tourist dwelling for the period, amount and occupants under this contract.

2. EQUIPMENT. The customer assumes responsibility for maintaining the apartment, furniture and fittings as they were found on entry and promises to leave them in the same condition on departure, when they return the keys to the apartment.

3. OCCUPANTS. The client may only lodge the maximum number of people as defined in the booking of the house.

4. NEIGHBOURS. All the occupants of the apartment are committed to respect the neighbours of the building and nearby houses, not making annoying noise or playing music at inappropriate volumes. It reserves the right to cancel this contract with immediate effect and without compensation in case of serious breach of these rules of respect neighbourhood.

5. CLEANING. The apartment will be made available to the client duly clean. The client agrees to leave the apartment in a reasonable cleaning condition without garbage or food debris.

6. GUARANTEE. The customer will leave at the entrance a guarantee deposit in cash or reserve on your credit card for the amount specified in the reservation. This deposit will be returned to the exit entirely except in the event that defects are detected in the apartment, furniture or equipment or situations of extreme dirt and debris. The cost of restoring the conditions that the apartment had at the entrance will be deducted from the amount of the deposit. In case of non-compliance the rules, the penalties will be removed from your deposit: - Smoking is prohibited inside the house. Your penalty is € 200.00. - The house is equipped with a decibel controller. This device has an alarm system that alerts the owner. Disconnecting it and / or exceeding the decibel limit on a regular basis means that you must leave the house at the time of default and without any refund. A complaint from a neighbour for excessive noise with or without the intervention of the police would mean for the owner the loss of the tourist apartment license. The penalty for non-compliance means keeping the deposit refundable as a fine.

- The loss or non-return of the keys to the house would entail a great cost for the owner since it is about security doors and the same key opens three doors. The cost for loss or non-refoulement is € 500.00.

- The staff that manages the house has an inventory of everything in the house that is checked in the previous cleanings and after the exits. In case of loss, theft, damage or breakage the real cost of repair or replacement will be your bail.

- The cleaning after your stay is already paid. The client agrees to leave the apartment in a reasonable cleaning condition without garbage or food debris. If this were not the case, the state of the house will be sent photographically so that Booking has proof and it will be penalty with the cost of the cleaning. We have full confidence that none of the conditions detailed above will take place but we are forced to cover ourselves to remind all customers that our home is your home. We want you to take care of it and respect it as such.

7. DEPARTURE. The client agrees to leave the apartment free and return all keys before 10:00 a.m. of the day of departure. In case the apartment is not evicted, the client will pay a daily amount of double the daily amount contracted, as well as claims for damages that may be objects by other people with confirmed reservations. In case the client requires an automatic exit, he must previously inform and follow the following guidelines: - At your departure, please turn off all lights, as well as air conditioning and / or heating. Please also check that all doors and windows are closed. - Leave the sets of keys on the kitchen table and close the door at the exit, making sure it is securely closed. We take this opportunity to remind you again for anything you may need, you can contact us at any time by calling +34 677 57 62 56.